Executive Summary

The client is one of Canada’s largest tailoring facility. It provides clients with weekly cleaning, pickup and delivery of dress alteration and restoration services.


  • Low number of website visits
  • Limited brand awareness for services
  • Expensive customer acquisition


  • Performed Facebook audience research
  • Created ad copy and creatives
  • Setup Facebook campaign


  • 28,428 people reached by Facebook ads
  • 10% of all people reached clicked the ads
  • 2,995 Landing page views at CAD $0.10 per view

The Client’s Challenge

To further increase visits to its website and enable more people to learn about its services, the client embarked on expensive advertising campaigns targeted at residents of a major city in Canada.

Increasing page views in the client’s website also meant further raising awareness for its brand and potentially broadening its customer base. However, the campaigns were not providing the desired results. Traffic to the client’s website remained low.

The SMS Solution

The client consulted with Social Media Solutions (SMS) to help it improve its campaigns and landing page views. The first thing that SMS did was to extensively research the client’s target audience in that area to discover in depth the client’s target customers.

SMS then developed a strategic plan and built a high-value but cost-friendly Facebook ads campaign that would resonate with the target audience. This involved refreshing the advertising copy and ad graphics. The new campaign was then launched, ensuring that the components were optimized to lure more people to the client’s website.

The Results

Within 30 days of the campaign launch, 10.10% of all people who saw the ads on Facebook clicked and were directed to the client’s website. This resulted in 2,995 landing page views and potentially hundreds of new customers.

The ads also received a relevance score of 10/10, Facebook’s gauge of the quality and engagement level of ads. Because the ads that SMS created scored very well, it was displayed more frequently and brought down the cost to a low CAD $0.10 per landing page view. In all, the SMS campaign delivered highly satisfactory results to the client.

The Data

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