Executive Summary

The client is a large chain of fitness facilities with locations throughout the US and Canada. It sells gym trial memberships online and generates leads for email conversions.


  • Lack of marketing staff in head office
  • Difficulty managing Facebook campaigns
  • Need to boost sales and lead generation efforts
  • No centralized reporting and data tracking


  • Built a dedicated three-man team to run advertising campaigns
  • Launched optimized campaigns that targeted hundreds of locations
  • Performed weekly user experience and campaign performance analysis
  • Managed all data sets into easy-to-read reports


  • Effectively managed US$2.3 million of advertising budget
  • 22,841 purchases @ $100 per membership
  • Generated 318,285 leads at $7.24 per lead
  • Drove 936,081 people to the website

The Client’s Challenge

The client had been in the market for about 10 years and was ready to expand its customer base by driving up sales of memberships and lead generation efforts. However, the lack of marketing team members at its head office hindered the company from properly managing its current member accounts and generating new customers.

Moreover, the client’s previously launched campaigns were not performing as anticipated. There was no standard process to create and manage a centralized tracking and reporting system. The current system contained disparate data sets and was unable to generate high-level campaign metrics. What the client needed were standard processes and tools to optimize campaigns and push down the cost to acquire each new member.

The SMS Solution

To help the client achieve its goals, SMS formed a dedicated team of three full-time staff that would be instrumental to generating leads. This team created a standard process that would serve as foundation for optimizing campaigns. This initially involved cleaning up all documents that were key to reporting and ensuring the datasets contained consistent information to enable an accurate view of campaign metrics. These metrics could then be displayed through a newly created, easy-to-read, and centralized dashboard.

Once these foundations were laid down, SMS proceeded to set up and launch optimized campaigns over hundreds of ad locations over the six-month period. Each week, SMS the analyzed user experience to determine how this affected the campaign’s performance.

The Results

Over the course of six months, SMS maximized the US$2.3 million advertising budget by delivering highly rewarding results. The ads generated more than 2.3 million clicks, driving 936,081 people to the website. Of this number, 318,285 leads were obtained, a high 34% conversion at $7.24 per lead. By the end of the six-month period, the client had signed up 22,841 trial memberships @ $100 per signup, directly attributed to the campaign.

Additionally, the reporting process that SMS established provided the client with a single clear view of the entire campaign metrics, user behavior, and website performance.

Overall, the client was very happy with the excellent results of the campaign.

The Data

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