Executive Summary

The client was a non-government organization (NGO) that works to empower persons with disabilities (PWD) as valuable citizens in society. The NGO works closely with volunteers, partners, and stakeholders on programs that promote social inclusion and the human rights of PWD.


  • Raising project awareness
  • Increasing donations of cash and project supplies
  • Finding more volunteers


  • Design a new website that better showcases projects
  • Launched an extensive Google ad campaign


  • 15,000 website visits
  • 178 volunteers donated time and supplies
  • 61 individual cash donations through Gofundme

The Client’s Challenge

Since its establishment in 2005, the client has successfully gained the trust and support of both private and government organizations of Cebu City. Its projects had positively impacted the local community by conducting training for hearing-impaired children and women, consultancy services to corporations, and access sports programs.

Despite these successes, certain challenges hindered project development.

These included the need to heighten and expand awareness about their projects beyond Cebu City, entice more volunteer participation, and attract more donations to cover program expenses. Additionally, they needed a cost-effective way to promote events utilizing a limited marketing budget.

Overcoming these obstacles would mean the client would be able to reach a broader audience, obtain more support for project growth in terms of donations and volunteers, and increase the number of fundraising workshops and other events throughout the year.

The client needed the expertise of a first-rate digital marketing company that could create winning marketing strategies and campaigns to help them overcome the challenges.

The SMS Solution

Fortunately, the client received advertising funding from a Google Ad Grants program.

The client reached out to Social Media Solutions (SMS) for assistance in conducting a Google Ads campaign. SMS then developed an extensive campaign with goals to create awareness for each of PADS’s programs, drive a large amount of traffic to the website, and to increase volunteer donations and support.

The Results

By implementing high-value-for-cost digital marketing strategies, SMS was able to optimize the $22,000 Google AdWords grant over a six-month campaign, which successfully achieved all three objectives.

During that period, the ads generated over 337,000 views and over 15,000 website visitors. This traffic also resulted in 178 volunteers who stepped forward to donate time and supplies, as well as 61 people who donated cash through the client’s online GoFundMe account.

Overall, the client was extremely happy with the outcome of the campaigns created by Social Media Solutions.

The Data

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