Executive Summary

Our client is a company that sells health and wellness products and services. On its website, it offers a wide range of digital and physical products, memberships and participation in events.


  • Poor user experience on landing page
  • Low conversion rate on webinar registrations
  • High cost per customer acquisition


  • Landing page redesign
  • Thorough target market research
  • Setup Facebook ad campaign


  • 3,544 leads generated at US $0.81 cost per lead
  • 66.62% conversion rate on page
  • 95% increase in conversion rate
  • Better user experience on refreshed landing page

The Client’s Challenge

The client had gained some success and profitability since its establishment almost a decade ago. Among its offerings were scheduled wellness classes and events in global locations.

One key challenge, however, increasing leads through online webinars registrations. The company had invested significant amounts of money to promote its webinars, with the aim of increasing signups, but achieved only a low success rate.

The SMS Solution

The client sought the support of Social Media Solutions (SMS) to boost webinar registrations. After performing a comprehensive research, SMS then drafted new ad copy and developed fresh ads that would resonate with the client’s target market.

A new Facebook campaign was unveiled and set up to track webinar conversions. At the same time, SMS redesigned the client’s landing page to improve the overall user experience.

The Results

Within the 30-day campaign period, the ads had reached 93,000 people on Facebook, 7.41% of whom clicked on the ads. About 5,320 people viewed the landing page, while 3,544 of this number signed up into webinar.

This was a 66.62% conversion rate, a 95% increase from the previous month’s conversion rate!  As a result, each conversion only cost the client US$0.81, almost half of the previous month’s 1.47 cost per acquisition.

The Data

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