Executive Summary

Our client was an independently owned and operated branch of a major Australian spa chain that operates over 90 branches in the country. It offers massages, facial treatments, beauty services, and other special packages to customers.


  • The client needed a strong online presence.
  • Social media was not providing engagement nor generating leads.
  • No social media strategy was in place.


  • Created a social media strategy to build the spa’s reputation and generate more leads
  • Curated content for the spa’s products and services, beauty and wellness, personal motivation
  • Performed follower engagement techniques that stimulated organic growth


  • Grew to more than 800 Instagram followers in 9 months
  • 10425% increase in followers
  • 200% increase in leads

The Client’s Challenge

The client was faced with the challenge of establishing and raising brand awareness among customers within their location and generating leads. While the client was active on Instagram, the spa manager was focused on the day-to-day operations and had neither the time nor knowledge to create a more compelling social media strategy that would increase followers, establish a local reputation, and generate leads. Because of this, their Instagram account remained at a mere 8 followers.

When the client heard about the success that Social Media Solutions has had with other clients, they agreed to let us take over the campaign.

The SMS Solution

Social Media Solutions presented a campaign strategy that aligned with the client’s objectives. The strategy included the creation of a social media content schedule, covering topics that educated the target audience not only about the spa’s products and services, but also about beauty and wellness, personal motivation, and about their branch. This engaging social media content schedule guaranteed regular and continuous activity on Instagram.

To drive higher engagement, the campaign included social monitoring and organic engagement.

The Results

The campaign produced amazing results almost immediately. In the first month, the client’s Instagram audience increased by more than 540%, receiving 592 likes and 16 comments on only 24 posts.

Over the course of the campaign, the growth rate remained consistent, rising more than 25% every month. The spa received more than 1,500 likes and nearly 100 comments every month, and the audience multiplied to more than 800 new followers who love their brand. This generated a more than 200 increase in leads from social media.

Overall, the client was highly satisfied with the improved engagement and generated leads on Instagram, and considered the campaign a success.

The Data

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