Executive Summary

Our client is a company that sells health and wellness products and services. On its website, it offers a wide range of digital and physical products, memberships and participation in events.

This new case study is the continuation of a previous study that aimed to persuade people to register for the company’s health webinar.


  • Convert leads into purchases
  • Tap global markets
  • Upselling to higher-tiered products


  • Create retargeting campaign to target leads
  • Scale existing campaign into new countries
  • Sell high-ticket memberships


  • Spent $19,959 on ads and generated $70,134 in revenue
  • Achieved a ROAS of 3.51
  • Converted 265 leads into high-ticket customers

The Client’s Challenge

Following the success of its webinar campaign, the client now sought to optimize the leads generated from that event and direct them toward purchasing the company’s wellness products and events in global markets in North America, Europe and Asia.

The SMS Solution

To achieve the client’s goals, SMS optimized the current campaign to generate leads and launched a new retargeting campaign on Facebook inviting its webinar attendees to purchase memberships.

The Results

This 60-day campaign resulted in hundreds of purchases that generated more than $70,000 in sales. This means the company achieved a $3.51 profit for every $1 spent on advertising.


The Data

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