Executive Summary

This client is in the fashion industry in Australia and uses drop shipping to sell its product to the local market as well as the US, UK, and Canada.


  • Google ads were converting but not performing well.
  • The cost per acquisition was too high.
  • The client wanted to scale up while increasing revenue.


  • Complete restructure of Google ads account
  • Creation of new ads and setup retargeting
  • Optimization of existing shopping campaigns


After 15 days

  • Increased total ROI of search campaigns by 61%
  • Produced 13.37 total ROAS in search campaigns
  • Spent $780 in 2 weeks and made $10, 435 in sales

After 30 days

  • 38% decrease in cost per purchase
  • 27% increase in conversion rates
  • 67% increase in ROI

The Client’s Challenge

The majority of the client’s sales came through Facebook and Instagram advertisements. The company offered only one product which, while beautifully presented in professionally captured photographs and well-designed advertisements, had started saturating its audiences. The client was advertising on Google ads, but was receiving a low ROI and wanted to increase perfromance whiel scaling into new markets.

The SMS Solution

To increase the returns on advertising spend (ROAS), the client sought the help of Social Media Solutions (SMS) to boost advertising efforts in a bid to increase revenue and grow the business.

SMS created a strategic action plan that included improving the optimization of the currently running Google ads, and properly tracking conversions and other data.

Additionally, SMS proposed a complete restructure of the Google ad account, researched new keywords, created fresh advertisements, and set up a retargeting campaign.

The Results

As a result of this strategy, the client saw remarkable results within the 15-day and 30-day marks of the campaigns. The key to achieving the excellent results was the client’s willingness to invest a significant amount in the ads. As a result, the client also received remarkable returns on its investment. (ROI)

In the first two weeks of optimization efforts, the total ROI increased by 61%, as the $780 advertising investment generated more than $10,435 in sales.

As the SMS team continued optimizing the campaigns over 30 days, the cost per purchased declined by 38%, while conversion rates surged by 27%. The client was pleased by the 67% boost in ROI.

The Data

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