Executive Summary

This client is in the fashion industry in Australia and uses drop shipping to sell its product to the local market as well as the US, UK, and Canada.


  • High cost per acquisition
  • Unable to scale globally
  • Needed help with optimizing Facebook ads


  • Complete restructure of Facebook campaigns
  • Consultations with the SMS team on ad optimization
  • Setup of optimization and testing schedule


  • Generated 12,556 total purchases
  • Spent $306,312 on ads and generated $603,587 in revenue
  • Achieved a ROAS of 1.97

The Client’s Challenge

Customers had only recently discovered the client’s products through Facebook and Instagram advertisements. The company offered only one product – unique, delicate, trendy watches – which, while beautifully presented in professionally captured photographs and well-designed advertisements, had saturated its small audience. The client knew it was time to find a new audience and expand their market.

The client’s ongoing Facebook ad campaigns were doing well enough but lacked a testing and optimization schedule, as well as a good marketing strategy.

The SMS Solution

Social Media Solutions implemented tactics to maximize ad spend through optimization, researching new audiences and markets. Over a 60-day period, the campaigns were streamlined to focus on specific market segments, age groups, or locations, and included a retargeting effort. Meanwhile, the ads were also fine-tuned to maximize more effective formats, better messaging and engaging visuals.

The Results

The campaign was very successful, resulting in 12,556 total purchases in just 60 days. A total of $306,312 in ad spend generated $603,587 in revenue.

The Data

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