Executive Summary

This client is in the fashion industry in Australia and uses drop shipping to sell its product to the local market as well as the US, UK, and Canada.


  • Wanted to maximize sales over Black Friday
  • Need to increase ad spend while maintaining profit
  • Wanted a scaling strategy over the three-day sale


  • Developed a three-day Black Friday strategy
  • Assigned dedicated ad specialist through the weekend
  • Allocated $18,000 a day for ad spend


  • Spent $53,888 on ads and generated $105,620 in revenue
  • Achieved a ROAS of 1.96
  • Generated 2,120 purchases

The Client’s Challenge

The client wanted to generate as many sales as possible over Black Friday weekend while maintaining their profit margins.

The SMS Solution

Social Media Solutions (SMS) then created a three-day strategy that allocated an ad budget of $18,000 per day, a 450% increase from the client’s usual spend. Because the sale was scheduled over Black Friday weekend, which usually signals the start of the holiday shopping season and brings in some of the biggest revenues of the year, a dedicated advertising specialist was designated to be on call to monitor and manage the campaign.

The Results

Throughout that weekend, the SMS ad specialist optimized and adjusted the budget four times a day, resulting in a huge boost in sales and revenue while maintaining the same ROAS. Over the three-day period, the company received more than 2,000 orders, a record for them.

The Data

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