Executive Summary

This client is in the health food niche in the United States and sells their products online.


  • Brand needs to increase online sales
  • Ads need to achieve a 3.0 ROAS
  • Poor results with Facebook ads


  • Audience research for low carb/sugar free/gluten free audiences
  • Consultation with the SMS team on building online presence
  • Develop Facebook advertising campaigns


  • Spent $685 on ads and generated $2,724 in revenue
  • Achieved a ROAS of 3.97 (every $1 put in turned into $3.97 profit)
  • 131% increase in total sales, 106% increase in revenue

The Client’s Challenge

Overall, the founders are very good at local marketing, and regularly attend farmers markets and events where  customers like the cookies. However, they struggled to boost online sales due to a lack of knowledge about Facebook ads, conversion optimization, or how to build an online presence.

The SMS Solution

Social Media Solutions did a complete audit of the client’s website and current marketing efforts. They discovered gaps in the sales funnel and found ways to improve the website’s user experience. They also restructured the Facebook ad campaigns to match best practices.

The Results

The new Facebook camapign was a major success. In just 30 days and working with a modest budget of only $685, the clients generated $2,724 in revenue.

They hit their goal and achieved a ROAS of 3.97 (every $1 put in turned into $3.97 profit), a 131% increase in total sales, and a 106% boost in revenue.

The Data

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