Top 5 Social Networking Sites for Small Businesses


In this modern day, social networking sites are regarded as the best means to send product info to customers. Most of the social media sites offer promotion with less complexity, and some of the social media sites promote products with a paid promotion service. You should review the most popular social networking sites and select the best one for your business. The following five social networking sites are most popular with people worldwide.

  1. Facebook

In the net world, Facebook is the top social media platform for the business person since it has the highest number of users and the greatest recognition all over the world. Since 2004, it has added 1.80 billion active users per month. Its multi-level tools are the best thing for the business owner. Among the other social networking sites, this platform can be used for both small and big business owners.

No matter whether you live in Japan, UK, Canada, Australia or South Africa, you can conduct your marketing through Facebook from any corner of the world. You can find your target audience or a particular area. The page will ask you which area you would like to promote your products in and which age category you want to target. Depending on how much you want to spend, you can reach more of your targeted audience.

The most striking features you will get from this social media site is that you can get information about other companies who are doing the same type of promotion near your area. This helps you to understand your competitors.

On the other hand, by looking at different promotions at social networking sites, you can get information about what type of promotion is popular in the market. You only need to analyze two or three promotions, find people’s comments, and see whether their reaction is to like or dislike the promotion. For these reasons, Facebook has become the greatest online marketing tool worldwide. The “like” tag you receive from the people will work best for you in the long run as the general public will think that many people like your products. So, promoting your products through social media can help you build up the brand of your company.

  1. YouTube

Among the social networking sites, YouTube has held the 2nd position of popularity with the public. All over the world, YouTube has more than 1 billion active users. Since the beginning, in 2005, it has gained popularity rapidly. The benefit which you can get from this social media is presenting your product in attractive ways. Without spending any money, you can make your own channel. If you have more than 5 thousand subscribers, you are able to do live streaming for your company. If you want to have wider publicity, you can provide ads on the YouTube channel with paid promotions. Like Facebook, you can target your audience and the particular areas where you want to promote your products. One thing you should remember is that while you are promoting your product through your YouTube channel, at the same time you can earn some extra dollars by monetizing your videos!

  1. Instagram

With the race in popularity, Instagram is one of the best social networking sites and has gotten the 3rd position among all the popular social media. It started its journey at the end of 2010, but since then it has gained vast popularity. At present, Instagram has 60 million active users who actually share attractive photos related to their business. The best thing about Instagram is that you can reach the public easily as it can be used via a smartphone. This is a platform where you can get the greatest number of likes and comments. Most of the younger people love Instagram. You can share both photos and videos through this site.

  1. Twitter

With 35 million active users, Twitter holds the 4th position among the popular social media sites. Some people think that the corporate world and celebrities love Twitter as most of the celebrities like to tweet on Twitter. You can share both photos and videos here. Recently, like Facebook, Twitter has started live streaming along with paid promotions. The best thing about Twitter, which stand it out from other social networking sites, is that you can retweet your tweet as many times as you want.

  1. Reddit

Though Reddit has come on the market recently, it has gained massive popularity among all groups of people. It has categories and sub categories. People use it as a forum. They use the Reddit forum to discuss the pros and cons of a variety of issues. It has more than 25 million active users. You can easily reach to your target audience with this social media site without using other social networking sites.


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