Social Media Marketing: Should You Do It Yourself or Hire an Agency?

Social Media Marketing

Having visibility on all popular social media platforms is an absolute necessity, and not a treat for businesses and trades in most industries. Besides simply creating leads, social media ensures that businesses remain connected to their customers and helps nourish long term relationships. When beginning to formulate both social media marketing and a promotional campaign, there are two vital paths that a business can use, especially when trying to outsource a social media development partner.

Initially, appoint a specialized agency who will tackle the marketing campaign. Secondly, organize an in-house campaign, with the company using their own employees to fulfill all the responsibilities.

Social Media Agency: Advantages

Coming Up Through Campaigns

The agency will work with you to devise a suitable social media marketing campaign that will aid in pushing your business ahead. This promotional campaign would include: thinking up a promotional subject, deciding which social media platform would be the most appropriate for the campaign, drawing up a campaign budget and creating the appropriate advertisements for the campaign.

Technical Expertise

Digital marketers are knowledgeable in this sphere and keep their expertise up to date through the latest technology. They are skilled at devising a campaign that will keep you ahead of your competitors.

Market Investigation

As a business owner you may not have the time or the skills to undertake the market investigation yourself. Social media marketing organizations have the correct tools plus skills to do the research and aid you in accessing your target market.  The organization will also assist you in targeting the correct demographic market and devise the best advertising approach that will be appealing to your target clientele.


As a business proprietor, you understand exactly how important it is to brand your business.  An agency will help you in developing a greatly suitable logo, as well as other eye-catching design features that would become part of your business. The agency will also help you in driving your brand, as well as placing it in front of your target clientele.


When you hire a professional organization you tend to save both time and money. Since you do not have the experience to undertake the social media marketing tasks, you would have a vertical learning curve which will take you a long time to master. This is not the case when you appoint an organization to assist you. The agency would complete the project in a short time and you will reap the rewards quickly.  Digital marketers are cost effective when you hire them to do the work on your behalf.

The wide knowledge along with the experience that professional organizations bring to your doorstep is their main advantage. The agency staff sleep, breathe and eat social networks. Moreover, they have a wide experience gained from working with many industries and trades. These agencies have extensive knowledge of the platform from which your business would derive maximum benefit. In addition, they also understand the perfect approach for implementing your promotion.

Social Media Agency: Disadvantages

Cons Outsourcing Social Media Marketing

When examining the disadvantages of hiring an agency, one of the most obvious is the immediate costs associated with hiring that agency. Although pricing will vary, it is not stress-free to accept the costs of hiring an outside party. The revenue made from the increase in sales, should exceed the long term costs of an agency. But, the preliminary cost can be a barrier toward entry for many firms with a limited social media marketing budget.  This is mainly true for smaller firms and startups that have yet to build real momentum.

In addition, you might find yourself facing a loss if you and your agency part ways. If your business is totally reliant on a partner, and never learns the basics of campaign management, it can mean a challenging time downstream.


Since they are an external party, a social media agency could create an objective valuation of the business, as well as implement an approach that provides you with the best gamble at success. They can bring about rapid results, as they are experienced and know what can work and what your company should avoid. Because of the curve related to social media marketing, using a professional agency would ensure the prevention of usual newbie errors. Instead of wasting time testing many possible avenues, a specialized and customized plan could be placed into action immediately so you could get faster results.

As your promotion progresses, you can use an analytic as well as other certified mechanisms to optimize numerous features of the marketing campaign. They are competent enough and use various software such as: SproutSocial, HootSuite and Google Analytics to observe the action on each social network channel. Key skillset of your partner agency will assist you in extracting abundant information over time that, when correctly interpreted, will lead to more followers, additional shares, and eventually increased sales.

When signing with a social media marketing agency, you should be very cautious and ensure that you appoint an expert professional. Before signing any contract, you must do your research plus check references by contacting other business owners who have worked with the particular agency that you are planning on working with.


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