7 Reasons Why You Must Have a Content Marketing Strategy


Where does your business stand when it comes to content marketing? Do you have a clear marketing strategy, or are you lost in the vast amounts of information circulating around the web? You probably know about the numerous benefits of content marketing, but if you’re devoting little to no time to this approach, then your business is missing out on some big opportunities. Here are 7 reasons why you MUST have a content marketing strategy in 2016.


Return of Investment (ROI)

Most prominently, a good content marketing strategy gives your brand visibility, brand reputation, inbound traffic, customer engagement, customer retention and if all goes according to plan, conversions and customer acquisition. If you’re publishing consistently over a multitude of influencers, any of these areas has the capacity to earn back your investment in money and time. Together as a strategy these all can increase your return many times over.

A great content marketing strategy can deliver synergy for your social media marketing campaign; providing valuable updates to post to your followers which may also serve you well for your email marketing campaigns. This strategy will help drive more organic searches, thereby increasing the company’s probability of showing up in search results. The stats bear this out as the most effective Business to Business (B2B) marketers spend a higher percentage (39%) of their budgets on content marketing than their least effective peers do (16%).


It’s not all about writing articles and hoping for the best.  Today, there are dozens of options for distribution in a content-marketing campaign. If articles or blogs are not suited to you, supplement your strategy with more videos, infographics, tutorials, or other like-minded visual content. Today, podcasts are popular or you can conduct short video interviews –You’re only limited by your imagination because at the end of the day, all that matters is that you provided your consumer something of value.


The world of content marketing is super competitive and the longer you delay, the farther behind you may find yourself. The majority of the most effective B2B marketers (86%) have someone who oversees content marketing strategy; however, only 46% of less effective marketers do. Gain the upper hand over your competition by investing and get the most out of your strategy by staying on top of trending topics for your market, events, and other opportunities. The more you invest in content marketing, the better chance you have to maximize your advantage.

Content Marketing Math

As a contrast to paid advertising which is restrictive in nature or Google AdWords that bring instant results, content marketing involves creating and maintaining fixed, semi-permanent assets. It’s also not like Google AdWords that bring instant results. However, over time, the combination of your content marketing, be it articles, videos, pics, posts to social media will grow your web “property” and as these increase, the value of your postings will grow in value exponentially.

Minimal loss potential

Investing in Content Marketing means you must make an investment in time and money.  This isn’t the time to go cheap on quality of work/time ratios simply to pump out articles or other marketing content. This get it done scheme will quickly result in poor ratings and gain little traffic.  Whichever medium you choose; ensure you take the time to produce high quality material for a positive impact. Simply saying this is good enough for traffic and skimping on quality will get you what you paid for. Take the time to put out quality content.

Strong Competition

Every business has competition, but if you want to beat them at their game, then you have to work hard. Research your competition; what are they doing differently?  What is their social media strategy? What kind of content are they posting? There’s nothing to fear in your competition even if they are pumping out tons of content, but the difference is if you are consistently putting out quality content that is useful to your target audience. Engage and interact with your consumers on social media, making it personal shows a human quality versus the corporate feel. Finally, add SEO and promote your content; remember, content marketing is not a sprint, but more like a marathon.


Finally, there’s no rule that says you have to invest in a content-marketing strategy, but if your competition isn’t doing it, then you are passing on an opportunity to be a major influencer and subject matter expert thus setting your business apart in the industry. By not investing in content marketing, you could be sacrificing enormous potential benefits for your brand. The most effective B2B marketers spend a higher percentage (39%) of their budgets on content marketing than their least effective peers do (16%). The longer you wait, the more you’ll stand to lose, so get involved as soon as possible to maximize your potential.



  1. You make a valid point. I agree, there are so many blogs these days. Obviously businesses benefit from them. I actually just read an article about the benefits from having a blog. You can find it here http://bit.ly/business-blog4 . They have content development articles as well. Keep up the good work!

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