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About Us

We’re Social Media Solutions, a creative agency that connects people with your brand. We produce inspiring social media content that drives engagement with your audience and generates interest in your business.

Our Mission

To simplify the marketing process and provide high value-for-cost services for our clients.

Our Story

The idea behind Social Media Solutions was formed when its founder, Travis Page, an American marketing specialist, found that business owners could generally choose between two types of marketing agencies – cheap, low quality agencies that promised unrealistic outcomes and never delivered, or expensive, higher-quality agencies that provided a generic customer experience. He wanted to build an agency that maintained a high level of quality and delivered an amazing customer experience all while offering cost-effective marketing services.

In 2016, Social Media Solutions was launched, initially offering a wide range of digital marketing services to small businesses in Asia.

Over the next 3 years, we found that we got better results with a few core services and began to refine our offerings. Today, we focus on what we do best.

In parallel, we expanded to other regions around the globe by providing social media marketing and website development services to both small and medium-sized businesses.

We also discovered that not only did these businesses like working with us, but our high value-for-cost services were very attractive for white-labeling and we now provide services and support to several large digital agencies in US, Canada, and Australia.

If you think we are a good fit, reach out to me at [email protected] to set up a free consultation.