Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a technique that makes use of social media to drive traffic and gain brand awareness. The core of social media marketing is the creation of appealing content that attracts attention and encourages engagement among the users. Our social media blueprint is meticulously designed to foster engagement and for a connection with your target audience through social media.


Social Media Services

Social Media Manager

We post unique and engaging content five times a week on your preferred social media channels while also building real relationships with your followers.

Social Engagement

We can Interact and engage with your social media audience which will in turn, build a trusting relationship between them and your brand.

Social Media Consulting

We offer expert consulting to help you solve your social media dilemmas like: increasing your number of followers, getting more social shares, and advertising.

Promotion Strategy

We can help you share your promotions and events across your social media channels so you can focus more on the event, and not promoting it.

Audience Development

We can help you increase the number of high-quality followers on your social media channels through both paid and organic techniques.

Advertising Campaigns

We offer complete advertising management for any social media channel which gives you the ability to target a very specific audience with captivating ads.

Social Media Marketing Process

Social Media Marketing features

Unique & Engaging Content

Having unique and engaging content is key for success in any social media campaign and we have the right expertise to provide it for you on a regular basis. All of our content is 100% original and will produce more likes, shares, and comments.



Social Media Calendar

All social media content is scheduled out in advance and our clients have the ability to easily modify or approve content before it is published if they would like to do so. We provide the schedule at least one week prior to posting in order to allow ample time for review.

Grow Your Audience Organically

A positive effect of posting great content on social media is that you will continue to naturally gain more followers. This organic increase will lead to a much higher rate of engagement with your posts and your brand.



Custom Monthly Reporting

Track and monitor your progress on social media through our custom made Marketing Assessment Report. The report features an overview of new likes, top posts, traffic to your website, and unique insight to the progress of each social media campaign.

Social Media Management Pricing Packages

All prices quoted are in USD and there is a 1 time setup fee of $100 for all packages


all prices quoted are in usd

Number of Social Platforms

Posts Per Platform

Follower Engagement 

Dedicated Account Manager

Reputation Management

Detailed Monthly Report



per month


3 Per Week 




per month


5 Per Week 


Most Popular



per month


7 Per Week 














Package Inclusions

We offer social media marketing services for the highest performing platforms on the marketing including:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

Having unique and engaging content is key for success in any social media campaign and we have the right expertise to provide it for you on a regular basis. All of our content is 100% original and will produce more likes, shares, and comments. We post relevant information on your social media channels that is directly related to your industry, and even if you don’t have loads of your own content, we will curate it for you.

Promote your page to increase the number likes, used to drive traffic to your website, or promote a call to action.

Included in the ad management:

  • 1 campaign per month
  • A/B split testing
  • 2 custom graphics
  • Ad copywriting

*note – prices quoted do not include advertising budget.

Upon starting your new campaign, you are assigned a dedicated social media account manager who will work closely with you to help you achieve your business goals.

A Strategic Marketing Plan, or SMP, will be created prior to campaign launch and include the following:

  1. A SWOT analysis that will identify your organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses, as well as its external opportunities and threats.
  2. Your business and marketing goals.
  3. SMART objectives that will define specific, measurable, achievable, results-focused and time-bound strategies that will help you achieve your marketing goals.
  4. Campaign expectations that will express what you can expect from Social Media Solutions, and what we expect from you.
  5. A Marketing Resource Summary that will outline all of the resources to be allocated during your campaign.
  6. A requirements list that will outline what deliverables my team needs to stay on track for launch.

We make real connections with your audience by engaging with them on a regular basis. This engagement will help drive more organic growth to your social media channels while increasing your brand’s awareness.

Bad reviews or negative comments that are not addressed quickly on your social media channels can have a extremely negative impact on your brand. That is why we provide account monitoring and reputation management that will actively search for issues like these and we help your business resolve them as soon as possible.

The Marketing Assessment Report, or MAR, is a detailed monthly report that gives an inside look into the performance of your social media campaign. The report features an overview of new likes, top posts, traffic to your website, and other unique campaign metrics.

Social Media Solutions offers affordable and flexible options for monthly small business social media marketing management services. While our recommended packages are listed above, we can customize a unique program for your company’s budget and needs.

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Client Testimonials

  • Social Media Solutions completely redesigned our website and implemented SEO. As a result, the 170% increase in organic traffic yielded 6 leads in the last month alone, 4 of which have already converted to sales.

  • I absolutely love our new Business Identity Package. It gave our brand exactly what it needed to stand out from our competitors and it conveys our unique style perfectly!

    Imagine Global
    Imagine Global
  • Thank you for your excellent work on our website. You've created a beautiful, high quality product that we're extremely proud of!

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    LCHF Nation

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