Website Design, Social Media Management, Content Marketing, Analytical Tracking, Video Production, and Branding



  • 170% increase in organic traffic over a 6-month period
  • 225% increase in leads that converted to sales
  • New website with a well-designed career portal
  • Enhancement of social media branding and color palette

About Yempo

Your Employees Offshore, or Yempo, is a Sydney-based offshoring company that provides flexible, low-cost staffing solutions to organizations around the world. The company has 4 offices in the Philippines, and they provide services around the world in locations like Australia, The US, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other European countries.

Yempo wanted to develop a strong online presence aimed at aiding the recruitment process for new employees, and increase the number of leads being generated from website traffic. However, their previous website, branding, and social media platforms were not fully optimized to achieve their goals.

The Wins

Social Media Solutions was brought in to provide a wide range of marketing services for Yempo including: website design, social media management, content marketing, analytical tracking, video production, and branding.

Website Design


Social Media Solutions designed and built a completely new website that included a new career portal for recruitment, custom pages that provide information about outsourcing, an updated about us page, and more. The new website has a faster loading time, contains eye-catching graphics, incorporates engaging content, and is SEO optimized. In fact, the organic traffic grew over 170% during a 6-month period which finally gave Yempo the boost they needed to increase their online presence.

Social Media Management

The entire social media management strategy was updated for Yempo, and several campaigns were run to help increase the number of followers on their platforms, and also increase the amount of engagement as well. Each social media account was optimized and we published unique and engaging content across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Throughout the campaigns, Yempo has greatly increased the number of followers and engagement on social media.

Content Marketing

Social Media Solutions conceptualized a content marketing plan that revolves around Yempo’s vision of providing world class staffing solutions for clients while creating an office culture that inspires their employees. The content produced provides unique insights about outsourcing and tips and trick about keeping your employees happy.

Lead Generation 

Due to both the social media campaigns and the new content marketing strategy, Yempo started to see an increase of website traffic that lead to an increased of leads being generated. Organic traffic alone brought an increase of 225% of leads that converted into sales of a six month period.

Video Production


Yempo wanted to focus on the fastest rising marketing service in the world today – video advertising. Social Media Solutions has developed numerous videos for Yempo including: internal recruitment videos, sales promotion videos, services briefing videos, and more.