Executive Summary

Thinking Dimensions moves from cold calling campaigns to targeted advertising with Social Media Solutions.

The team at Thinking Dimensions were implementing traditional marketing techniques that included lead generation through personal networks and cold calling in order to fill seats for their workshops. They wanted to explore a new online medium in which they could run effective advertising campaigns to generate new leads. Social Media Solutions was able to build a highly targeted audience of over 2,000 prospects on their Facebook channel within the span of 1 month with a budget of only USD 35.

About Thinking Dimensions

Thinking Dimensions Global is a UK private registered company designed to support high quality delivery while following a common set of processes and beliefs world-wide. Member firms are located in 16 countries. Collectively, there are over 300 global resources. Thinking Dimensions Global is organized around its Strategy, IT CSI and Industrial Problem Solving Service lines. All Partner and Associate firms are certified in KandF Thinking Technologies.



Total Reach

Paid Likes

Organic Likes

Their Challenges

The sales team at Thinking Dimensions were frustrated by the amount of  resources that they were consuming to produce leads for their workshops. They were relying heavily on their personal contacts and references to fill seats and they were searching for cost effective ways to generate quality leads and to establish workshops in new cities around the globe.

The sales team knew that Facebook could be the perfect platform to build a quality audience of leads and when they found out about the targeted advertising campaigns that Social Media Solutions offers, they jumped at the opportunity.

Our Solution

Social Media Solutions presented an advertising strategy that would fit the requirements of producing sales quality leads through social media. A custom audience was created that consisted of decision makers in the fields related to the course material for Thinking Dimension’s workshops, and the ad campaign was ran in target markets around the globe. The purpose of this campaign was to generate pages likes for their Facebook business page and to pave the way for further campaigns that would drive traffic to landing pages for the workshops.

The Results

The advertising campaign produced the desired results almost immediately. Within a couple of days, the number of both organic and paid likes surged as their Facebook page gained new leads. A small advertising budget of only USD 35 was chosen in order to see which workshop locations showed the most interest, and within the span of one month, nearly 9,000 high-targeted prospects viewed the ad, nearly 1,800 paid likes were accumulated, and almost 500 organic likes were produced from engagement.

The ad was considered a great success by Thinking Dimensions and they immediately went forward with additional lead generating campaigns (currently in progress) driving traffic to their landing pages based upon the data gathered in the paid likes campaign.

The Data