Quro Health Studios

Social Media Management



  • Significant rise of engagement on social media
  • A 140% increase of Instagram followers within 2 months

About Quro

Quro Health Studios is the creation of Dean Haustead. With over 9 years experience in the health and well-being industry, he created his business to provide individuals an exercise system that delivers great results for men and women who want to tone and strengthen their bodies.Currently, the company offers a mixture of yoga, Pilates, and martial arts classes.

Quro wanted to increase their brand awareness and encourage more people to enroll in their classes; however, they faced the same issue as many medium sized businesses – they had neither the experience, nor the time to run a proper social media campaign.

The Wins

It was decided to focus on the three best social media platforms for Quro’s industry – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Content was posted on these platform 5 times a week and Social Media Solutions focused on improving organic engagement.

Social Media Management

By creating highly engaging content and focusing on building Quro’s audience, we were able to deliver incredible organic results. Quro had an existing Facebook account that was optimized and Instagram was added to the social media mix to help drive a new audience to their website.


With Quro Health Studios, we focused on content pertaining to healthy living, the benefits of exercise, but the bulk of the content was built around Yoga, Pilates, and Kung Fu, all of which are classes offered at their studio.


Within a span of two months, Quro Health Studio social media following on Instagram increased by 140 percent in which has lead to an increase of brand awareness and their followers continue to grow at an impressive rate.