Website Design, Brand Development, Email Marketing, Social Media Management, Video Production, Conversion Optimization



  • Rebranding package increased brand awareness
  • New optimized website and online store
  • Increased audience engagement across social media platforms
  • Increase in overall revenue for all products

About LCHF Nation

Husband and wife founders, Elena and John, wanted to increase sales for their online business, LCHF Nation. Their business is an informational website that provides free advice to individuals who want to lose weight and those who have special health conditions. Their primary digital products include: cookbooks, meal plans, and personal weight loss coaching.

LCHF Nation faced several issues that prevented from increasing their sales. They had a poorly functioning website that was not optimized for SEO and an online store that had a complicated checkout process. They also had a brand that was not easily identifiable with, and needed a major upgrade. They were actively using social media, but they lacked the proper optimization and strategies that were needed to expand their reach.

The Wins

Social Media Solutions was brought in to provide a wide range of marketing services for LCHF Nation including: website design, brand development, email marketing, social media management, video production, and conversion optimization.


Brand Development

In order to attract new clients and drive sales, Social Media Solutions provided LCHF Nation a brand development package that redefined their entire color pallet, updated their logo, branded all of their products, and gave them the branding that they needed to stand out from their competitors.

Website Design


LCHF Nation entire business that revolves around their online store. Their previous website wasn’t user-friendly and it took too long to load. Customers also found it difficult to purchase products since the checkout process had too many steps and was confusing to navigate. Social Media Solutions gave them a complete upgrade.

The new website features the company’s new branding, has a much faster loading time, and has an easily navigable interface. The online store was changed from woocommerce to Shopify to include new features and a better customer experience.

Social Media Marketing


To increase brand awareness and generate new leads, LCHF Nation had to extend their reach using social media. Social Media Solutions created a marketing strategy that helped their brand reach a wider audience, greatly increased engagement, and promoted more referral traffic to the website than ever before.

Video Production


Social Media Solutions created an engaging video that summarizes what distinguishes LCHF’s weight loss business from their competitors. The two-minute video features the benefits of their weight loss meal plans, promoted their new cookbook, and featured testimonials of clients who have seen amazing results by following their weight loss program.