Executive Summary

Endota Spa the Rocks’ Instagram audience went from 8 to over 800 followers in 9 months. 

Endota Spa the Rocks is an independently owned and operated branch of the Australian spa chain – Endota Spa.  They were active on social media, but they were not seeing the level of engagement that they needed to generate leads. They also wanted to branch out to Instagram as it had been very beneficial for other spas in their area, but they didn’t know how to get started. Social Media Solutions was able to build an audience of highly engaging prospects on their Instagram account and Endota Spa the Rocks increased lead generation from social media by over 200% in 6 months.

About Endota Spa

Endota Spa was established in 2000 by Melanie Gleeson and a schoolmate in Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula. This spa offers incredible spa services such as massages, facial treatments, beauty services, and special spa packages to its consumer. It is proudly 100% Australian and has over 90 branches in the country. Specializing in providing spa services that keeps its client relaxed and stress free, Endota Spa is a growing business that needed a strong online presence.



Instgram Followers

Increase in Followers

Increase in Leads

Their Challenges

The spa manager was having trouble establishing awareness for their location and generating leads. They were very active on social media, but they had neither the time, nor the knowledge for building up their followers, establishing a local reputation, and generating leads. The manager also commented that it was a hassle for her to focus on social media since she was very consumed in the day to day operations of running the spa.

They were currently active on Instagram, but after lots of effort, they remained at a mere 8 followers. Once they had heard about the success that Social Media Solutions has had with other clients on Instagram, they quickly agreed to let us take over the failing social media campaign.

Our Solution

Social Media Solutions presented a social media strategy that would fit the requirements of building up local reputation for the spa and increase the number of leads from social media. A social media schedule was created including content that educated their their target audience, not only about their products and services, but it also gave valuable information about beauty and wellness, provided personal motivation, and content exclusive to their branch. This social media schedule also guaranteed that unique and engaging content was shared across their social media channels on a regular basis so as to continually reinforce brand awareness for the branch.

To further ensure success, organic engagement, brand reputation, and social monitoring was included into the campaign to help drive even higher amounts of engagement on Instagram.

The Results

The social media campaign produced the amazing results almost immediately. During the first month alone, Endota Spa the Rocks Instagram audience increased by over %540 and they received 592 likes and 16 comments on only 24 posts. After the initial surge of new followers, the growth rate remained consistent at over 25% every month, and the spa continually received over 1500 likes and nearly 100 comments every single month. The result of a new audience of over 800 new followers that love their brand was an increase of over %200 increase of leads from social media.

The campaign was considered a huge success by Endota Spa the Rocks and they very very happy with the new and improved Instagram account.

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