Eat Well Challenge

Social Media Management



  • Established brand awareness
  • Boost in social media followers by more than 400% within 2 months
  • Sold over 250 meal packages within 2 months of launching the social media campaign

About Eat Well Challenge

Eat Well Challenge is a one-of-a kind online nutrition program created by an Australian company that uses patented technology to provide tailored meal programs for individuals and families. Whether you are preparing for a marathon or simply want to lose weight, Eat Well Challenge can create the perfect meal plan for you.

The company signed up with a coupon site to boost the  umber of sales for their new product, but since they did not have an online  presence yet, they could not arrange this business deal. They had to build an audience of people whom love their brand.

The Wins 

Social Media Solutions was brought in to setup and optimize their social media accounts, produce valuable content on a regular basis, and to create brand trust and aweress.

Social Media Marketing


One of the important elements of a successful social media campaign is producing highly engaging content on a regular basis. We optimized their Facebook and Instagram pages and filled them with interesting content such as tips about weight loss, motivational advice, and feel good stories.  The month of May produced almost 500% new followers on Facebook alone.


Since Eat Well Challenge revolves around healthy living, Instagram was the perfect platform for them to expand their social reach. By sharing inspiring and interesting visual content, we increased their Instagram audience by 400% within two months.

Another big win during the two months of the social media campaign, was that Eat Well Challenge increased their online presence and was able to close the deal with the coupon site which resulted in selling more than 250 meal plans.