Corazon Latino

Content Marketing, Social Media Management, Video Production



  • Creation of YouTube video promotion
  • Increase in brand awareness through social media
  • Increase of organic traffic to website

About Corazon Latino

Corazon Latino was established in 2005, and specializes in handmade silver jewelry. From cuff links to bracelets, each piece of jewelry is crafted by talented artisans and small workshops all the way from Thailand to Tuscany. The business sells uniquely designed jewelry for both men and women.

Their aim was to expand the business and increase their market reach. They wanted to have content produced on a regular basis for their blog to help drive organic traffic, they needed help in publishing engaging content on social media, and they wanted to have a video produced for a Christmas promotion.

The Wins

Social Media Solutions was brought in to provide a range of marketing services for Yempo including: social media management, content marketing, and video production.

Content Marketing


Content writing was an excellent tool for Corazon Latino to promote their products and increase organic traffic. Social Media Solutions focused on keywords with high monthly searches such as “bracelets” and “bangles” to help drive more leads to the website, but also focused on writing informational articles about basic care tips for silver jewelry, the history of silver jewellery, and more.

Social Media Management

The owner of Corazon Latino is a very busy individual because she has a full-time job aside from running the jewellery company. She knows the benefits of social media, and she was posting content on her platforms, but she just didn’t have time to post on a regular basis. Social Media Solutions was able to post unique and engaging content across all of her social media channels regularly, which resulted in not only increase the number of followers on her accounts, but also freeing up valuable time for her in the process.

Video Production


Social Media Solutions also developed a video for Corazon Latino to be used for a Christmas promotion. The highest number of sales for Corazon comes around Christmas and they needed a medium that could be shared easily and easily showcase their best selling products in an entertaining fashion. The video received a lot of engagement and resulted in an increase of sales during Christmas.