Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click, or PPC, is an internet marketing tool wherein advertisers pay a fee each time their ad is clicked. This form of advertising it is the most effective way to quickly drive traffic to your website. PPC advertising campaigns can be run on search engine platforms, social media channels, mobile applications, and more.


Pay Per Click Advertising Services

Google Adwords

We are Google Adwords certified and our specialists create captivating ads that will quickly drive users to your website and increase your conversion rates.

Facebook Ads

Rapidly develop your audience, extend your reach, and increase the number of likes and engagement on your posts with our Facebook advertising service.

PPC Audits

Are you running ineffective advertising campaigns? We will audit your current efforts, optimize your ads and keywords, and increase your return on investment.

Twitter Ads

Gain more followers, drive traffic to your website, get more retweets, and improve your brand visibility with our Twitter advertising service.

Remarketing Ads

We design enticing ads that will be shown to people that visited your site, but did not complete a desired action, thus increasing brand visibility.

Instagram Ads

Grow your audience, increase the amount of engagement on your posts, and expand your reach with our Instagram advertising service.

Pay Per Click Advertising Process

Pay Per Click Advertising features

Creative Ad Copy

Each ad copy is created from scratch by our design team and incorporates your company’s brand image. A combination of interesting images and clear calls to actions are used to increase click through rate.



Custom Landing Pages

All ad campaigns are directed to a highly optimized and keyword rich landing page. This page mirrors the branding from the ad to deliver a seamless connection to your website. They are also measured and modified to ensure higher conversion rates.

Conversion Tracking

Every ad campaign is integrated with analytics so that you are able to track the exact path a customer took from the click on the ad, all the way to a conversion. This ensures that you know exactly what is working, and what is not, within the campaign.



Conversion Rate Optimization

We measure every ad campaign along with its corresponding landing page to provide you with valuable insight on your customer’s behavior. The data gathered is then used as a guide to better optimize the PPC campaigns in order to increase your overall conversion rates.

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Client Testimonials

  • Social Media Solutions completely redesigned our website and implemented SEO. As a result, the 170% increase in organic traffic yielded 6 leads in the last month alone, 4 of which have already converted to sales.

  • I absolutely love our new Business Identity Package. It gave our brand exactly what it needed to stand out from our competitors and it conveys our unique style perfectly!

    Imagine Global
    Imagine Global
  • Thank you for your excellent work on our website. You've created a beautiful, high quality product that we're extremely proud of!

    LCHF Nation
    LCHF Nation

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