Ecommerce Marketing 

Ecommerce Marketing is an online strategy that involves generating sales by creating awareness through online promotions about a business’ brand and product offerings. It encompasses a variety of technologies such as mobile commerce, internet marketing, and electronic funds transfer, to name a few. It is generally used to drive website traffic and to optimize the user’s online experience.


Ecommerce Marketing Services

Online Store Audit

We will audit every aspect of your online store including: branding, advertising, ease of checkout, conversion rates, and more.

Multi Channel Marketing

We help you promote you products across a wide range of marketing channels, thus expanding your brand's reach.

Online Store Optimization

We take the data from the online store audit and optimize your efforts so that you increase the number of online sales.

Product Conversion

We help you optimize every step of your sales funnel so that you can so that you can drive more revenue.

Digital Products

We can design and create any type of digital product that can be used as a free giveaway, or sold on your online store.

Cart Abandonment Optimization

We can help you convert visitors to your site that added an item to their shopping cart, but abandoned the checkout process.

Ecommerce Marketing Process

Ecommerce Marketing Features

Increased Brand Awareness

By having an online store that stays consistent throughout its branding, gets more exposure by being shared across numerous channels, and being optimized for a friendly user-experience, you will organically increase brand awareness.



Increase Conversion Rates

When you have properly optimized ads, call to actions, and branding, it is easier for you to sell your products and services through your online store. Increasing your conversion rates, will also reduce your marketing spend, and generate more revenue.

Connect With Your Audience

We optimize your store so that you are able to connect directly with your audience in real time scenarios, or if you are offline, with an automated response. We also give customers a platform in which they can leave reviews and express their concerns so as to build credibility and trust.



Upsell Products

By keeping your customers satisfied, engaging with them on a regular basis, and providing a quick and easy checkout process, they are much more likely to return again and again, becoming loyal customers in the process.

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Client Testimonials

  • Social Media Solutions completely redesigned our website and implemented SEO. As a result, the 170% increase in organic traffic yielded 6 leads in the last month alone, 4 of which have already converted to sales.

  • I absolutely love our new Business Identity Package. It gave our brand exactly what it needed to stand out from our competitors and it conveys our unique style perfectly!

    Imagine Global
    Imagine Global
  • Thank you for your excellent work on our website. You've created a beautiful, high quality product that we're extremely proud of!

    LCHF Nation
    LCHF Nation

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